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Hourglass Corset

Hourglass Corset
C.1899-1901. Made of cotton coutil with lace aorund the edge at the top. This would have been a lighter weight corset as most of the bones are bamboo (might have been a summer weight corset). It contains 28 bones.
While the straight fronted S shaped corsets were becoming more popular, this one still retains the hourglass shape and was worn probaly by an older woman who preferred the old shape. The sharp edge of both busk peices have cut through the fabric. This was a common problem even during the Victorian era. Its not uncommon to find corsets with patches sewn over the busks. It's really a testament to how much this corset was worn! There is flossing on the 1st 4 bones on the inside and out which prevented the bones from working their way out, a sign of a well made corset.
The waist measures 22", the corset length is 122" long at the front.
(Formerly L. Hidic)