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Toddler Child's Summer Corset

Toddler Child
C.1900-1905. A corset or "stay band" from the south west of France. It originally fit a child of about 1- 1 1/2 years old but was later extended by adding tapes to the buttons making it bigger to fit a slightly older child. It would have been worn during the summer as it has brass eyelet holes all over it for ventilation, and the body of the corset is made out of unlined sateen. The elastic shoulder straps did not originally come with the corset but were probably added on by a caring mummy for comfort.
There are buttons at the waist and 1 remaining at the back of the left shoulder blade to attach various pieces of underwear and clothing. All the buttons are made out of early celluoid.
Although a child's corset, it is one of the stiffest I've ever seen, even more so than many ladies corsets I have come accross. It is boned with 10 thick steel bones. There is some evidence of the beginnings of waist training if you compare the original and extended measurements. The original measurements were 19" chest and waist. The extended measurements are 21 1/2" chest and 20 1/2" waist. Corset measures approx. 8" long, excluding the shoulder straps.
(L. Hidic)