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Shirtwaist & Skirt Supporter

Shirtwaist & Skirt Supporter
C.1901. A nifty little item which was extremely practical during the turn of the century. For some reason, shirtwaists are often shorter at the back than at the front, which often led to the blouse untucking itself from the skirt and leaving a gap at the back. This little set of modified safety pins with hooks and a spiked belt would hold the two together. The spiked belt would buckle around the outside of the shirtwaist, and the spikes would catch onto the hem of the blouse to hold it down. You would then pin two hooked safety pins onto the back of your skirt and then proceed to hook the bent flaps on the safety pins onto the top of the unspiked metal bit on the belt.
Marked as being "Gair's Blouse Retainer and Skirt Supporter" and was patented June 11, 1901. Also marked as being a size 30.
(L. Hidic)