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Stout Ladies Hip Bustle

Stout Ladies Hip Bustle
C.1901 and a very rare item. I have never seen another made quite like this one! Hip bustles were popular at the turn of the century, they padded out the hips to give a nice hourglass shape and gave a smoother line underneath the skirt if you had a big bumpy bum.
Uusually they were made out of cloth stuffed with horsehair, but this bustle is made out of an open weave mesh, most likely a glazed linen. Mesh bustles were thought to be more healthy as they prevented the spine from "overheating".
This one is sized for a larger lady, anywhere from a UK 16 up to a UK 22 (US 14-20). They could be worn under your corset or over it depending on your prefernce and torso length. Generally, hip bustles were worn underneath your corset if you were shortwaisted, or over the corset if you were long waisted. There is a slot on the right hip to allow for access to a hidden pocket. This bustle is in pretty good condition although there is a tear in the mesh coming down from the pocket access slot. The elastics at the back which allowed for different sized bums are a bit stretched out as old elastic most often is but still has some stretch left in it. The edges are bound in cotton as are the waist tapes. Each hip panel measures 13" long and approx. 6 1/2" wide.
(L. Hidic)