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S Bend Corset

S Bend Corset
C.1901-1905. This is one of the stiffest and lovliest shaped corsets I have ever seen. Made out of a sateen/silk blend fabric, this corset features 22 real whalebones. Thiscorset would have been VERY expensive in it's time, as it's French and by this time, whalebones were in short supply thanks to over hunting. "Garanti Veritable Baleine neuve" is stamped on the inside to say that only new whalebone was used (some corset manufacturers used recycled whalebone from old corsets and very old parasols).
The corset features a perfectly straight busk and is an engineering feat of diagonal seams, stitches and gussets to achieve the lengendary S bend shape. The corset is in strong wearable condition but would you really want to wear a museum peice like this? All the grommet holes are present. The top of the corset is decorated by lavender velvet ribbon threaded through a band of gold embroidered fabric.. The inside of the corset is lined in cotton coutil and there is a pocket at each breast to add padding to fill out what mother nature forgot to give!
I honestly don't think this corset was worn that much. There hardly any wear that you would associate with a 100 year old corset. The outside sateen silk does have a bit of wear in places (like at the bottom front of the busk and there is a "shiny" spot near the top grommets on the left side at the back) but this is common as the corset would have been rubbing against boned bodices. It would have packed in a figure quite nicely. Measurements are: Bust: 31 1/2", Waist 22 1/2", Hips: 35 1/2", Busk length: 12 1/2". This is an over bust corset and would have been worn by some with a natural waist of 26"- 30".
(Formerly L. Hidic)