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Curved Busk Waspie Corset

Curved Busk Waspie Corset
This corset dates from C.1901-1905. Waspies like this became fashionable around this time with young ladies who didn't want or need the support of the older style of corset that their mothers wore. These corsets offered no support for the bust, so if you had the least bit of flesh on you, there would be no choice but to wear the new bust bodice (the bust bodice having been invented during this period to offer support for the bust area with the new fashionable short corsets).
This corset measures 21" in the waist, like most of the waspie corsets found from this area. Only the skinny could really wear them, but they did give you a very dramatic trim waist. Made out of cotton coutil and boned with tiny skinny bones. Still has a relatively old fashioned curved busk (which held in the tummy better) instead of the fashionable straight busk (which tends to push everything up).
(Formerly L. Hidic)