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Straight Busk Waspie Corset

Straight Busk Waspie Corset
C.1904-1905. Waspie corsets are not that common to find, as most women could not wear them. They were mostly worn by the young and the slender as they did not support the bust and full figure control as regular corsets would. With the waspie, you could achieve a small waist and tight lace quite easily in them as the bust and hip were not affected.
This little waspie did just that. The waist on it measures a mere 20" and is heavily boned with 26 bones (there would have been 28, but two are missing). Measures 9 1/2" long at the front, 6" long at the side and 9" long at the back. It is still strong enough to be worn but there are severe rust colored discolorations on the fabric, I've washed this corset and they have not come out (but you should have seen the water). Straight busk.
(Formerly L. Hidic)