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Red Silk Ribbon Corset

Red Silk Ribbon Corset
Dates from about 1905 and is a 'ribbon' corset, which means that it's actually made of silk ribbon. This style of corset weren't worn for tight lacing or for everyday use as they would have been too delicate for such brutal wearing. They were worn in the bodiour (i.e. for Wedding nights, etc), for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. They were popular with young ladies in their 20's and tended to be worn only by the very slim, as ribbon corsets couldn't support a fuller figure.
The waist on this one measures 21" and would have been worn by someone with a natural waist of about 23"-24". It's 9" at the front and back and 7" at the side. What's even more unusual about this wonderful corset is the color, a bright scarlet red! It's so vibrant that it looks like it was made yesterday instead of nearly 100 years ago. It's in near excellent condition with only some wear to the silk at the front of the busk and at the back. It looks like it had rubbed against the waistband of the petticoat worn over it. Features a straight busk of the Edwardian era for that S shape. I'm not sure if the lace is original to the corset or was added by it's original owner as it is old and the thread that it's sewn on with is old too. It compliments it nicely. It has it's original lacing and what's more, instead of having metal eyelets for the lacing, the lacing holes are made out of the same cord as the corset lace so it all matches!
A lot of work was put into making this corset. As it wasn't supposed to be a heavy support corset, it only has 8 bones to gently shape a very slim figure.
(Vanessa Bryan)