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Rejane Silk Ribbon Corset

Rejane Silk Ribbon Corset
C.1901-1906. Silk ribbon corset made for the B. Altman & Co. department stores (stamped on the inside).
The ribbons are made out of a pale pink/ champagne color and are soft like butter! The perfectly straight busk is lined with light pink plush material for comfort and is topped by a lovely silk bow. The busk loops have little hearts engraved on them. The front of the busk has a petticoat hook sewn at the front. The hook prevented the petticoat from riding up and creating extra bulk at the waist. The corset is boned with 26 real whalebones (which by this time were becoming extinct) making this an expensive corset. Ribbon corsets were fragile things and were only worn as lingerie in the boudior or worn by slender woman who did not need the support of full corsets. They were often only made in waist sizes 18"- 24", sometimes 26". They were sometimes worn for light sporting activities such as croquet. The original silk corset lacing remains.
The model is stamped as being 'The Rejane'. The Rejane model ribbon corset was sold by different department stores and was probably a French made corset. Some Rejane's even have stocking suspenders. Busk measures 11" long, waist 21".
(L. Hidic)