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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing


These combinations date to C. 1905-1906. Combinations became popular in the 1870's with the advent of the slim fitting "Princess Style dress, and the close fitting basque bodices. They eliminated the bulk cased by separate pantaloons and chemises.
This one from the Edwardian period is most unusual, as it has a half skirt at the back to hide the opening of the slit in the undies so your bum doesn't show. It also doesn't have any sleeves or shoulder straps which means it was to be worn with evening dress which tends to be more revealing. This would have been worn with a corset over it. The pantaloon legs are also quite full at the front, making it look like a skirt in the front as well. These frilly undies were very much high fashion during this period, whereas in the 1910's things started to tone down slightly.
Measurements: Bust up to 44", Waist 31" Length 36" (comes about 3" below my knee, so the lady that owned it would have been about my height).
(L. Hidic)