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Evening Chemise

Evening Chemise
C.1906-1910. A hard to find item of evening underwear. For some reason, not many strapless evening chemises survive. It may be because not many women could afford to have two sets of underwear for day and evening use. These strapless chemises were perfect for wearing under low cut and off the shoulder evening and ballgowns.
This one features slotted lace trim all around the top. You would tie the ribbon fairly tight around your overbust to keep the chemise up over your bust and then put on your corset as usual. This chemise is one of the four chemises from a wedding trousseau. There is a monogram of MW (M Warren) at the center front and tiny pintucks along the front bust area.
The chemise is completely handsewn and made out of the softest cotton you have ever felt. I think there may be silk content in it as it's so soft. The ribbon is not original but it's vintage from the 1960's. The back is plain.
Measurements: Bust measures 42". Bust range of about 34"- 38" for ease would suit it, Waist is pretty much free, length approx. 30".
(Melanie Talkington)