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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

S Bend Warner's Summer Corset

S Bend Warner
C.1908. A beautiful straight fronted S bend corset made of cotton mesh for the summer.
Diagonal seaming and large flared hips mould the figure into the desired S bend so popular during the Edwardian era. The corset is not lined and it is boned with 20 steel bones with a 11 7/8" busk. The busk is perfectly straight and is quite rigid. Labeled as being a Warner's no. 357 'boned with rustproof'. The corset is trimmed with lace with ivory silk baby ribbon threaded through it. There are 4 ornate clasped stocking suspenders.
Waist measures 21" and by this date, corsets are starting to become longer in the body forshawdoing the longline corsets of the 1910's. Measures 14" long at the front and comes down well over the hips. Approx. 16" long at the back.
(L. Hidic)