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Sidesaddle Outfits

Sidesaddle Outfits
From January 1901. Note how the riding habit has now become a longer jacket instead of looking like a short regular boned bodice of the Victorian era, and how the apron is more tailored and slimmer compared to previous decades. The bowler hat has now become acceptable for the young generation for everything except formal riding like fox hunting or horseshows. Married women still wore top hats.
The fashion drawings show the habit being worn with a new straight fronted Edwardian corset and high stiff collars. If you always wondered what was worn underneath an apron, pantaloons were worn. These ones show knitted ones, but they were often made out of chamois as well. Before 1910, sidesaddles were often made with dipped seats instead of the flat level seats of 1910 to present day saddles. These pantaloons offered some security to stop you from sliding about in the saddle. Ladies who ride in pre 1910 sidesaddles today wear a similar garment, full seat breeches, where leather or another "tacky" material is sewn aorund the bum and insides of the leg to stop slippage in the old dip seated saddles.
(L. Hidic)