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Titanic Style Day Dress

Titanic Style Day Dress
C.1910-1912. It's made out of a shiny woven patterned wool (sorry, don't know the name of it) with tone on tone striped silk taffeta decorating the front and back, which creates a skirted look at the front and a bustle look at the back. The taffeta is the good kind, not the cheap shattering kind often found on items from this period.
The dress is a one peice dress but the bodice is mounted on a tightly fitting boned cotton sateen lining (boned with 7 bones). The front of the dress fastens up with a typical 1910's complicated arrangement of hook 'n eyes and snaps, then it fastens down the front and side of the skirt. The front of the bodice is filled in by an attached dickie or yoke made out of silk, lace and chiffon with little brass bead decorative buttons. The high standing collar is made out of embroidered sheer black chiffon and is boned with S bendy collar wires.
For some strange reason, the inside of the bodice has two plaid taffeta peices of fabric beside each side of the dickie. The taffeta is that yucky shattering kind so I would remove it. I don't know why it's there, as it does nothing for the bodice and is completely out of view when the dress is done up. There is a matching attached striped taffeta belt which finishes off the waist. Beautiful strips of lace decorate the front and back of the bodice in a V shape. The dress is very strong and could be worn today, I would just sew a peice of silk around the inside of the high standing collar just to take the strain off the chiffon though just to keep it in good condition.
The skirt isn't as tubular as most early 1910's skirts are, but is full and V line in shape. A long straight 1910's corset would be appropriate to wear with this dress. I've shown it with my Ostrich feather hat that I wear with my Edwardian outfits to give an idea of what you could wear with this lovely dress.
The size is decent too. Neck: 13 1/2", Shoulders: would fit approx. 15"- 16" shoulders, Bust 39"-40", waist 29"- 29 1/2", up to 40".
(Formerly L. Hidic)