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Evening Gown

Evening Gown
1913-14. A very Eastern evening gown with a heavy black silk satin skirt with a weighted hem. The bodice is a pink panné velvet tube lined with white china silk (now very frail) and is un boned but is lace-trimmed, showing that it was dressmaker made. There is no allowance for separate breasts - this would have been a mono bosom gown, where your chest looked like a skittle instead of having explicit cleavage. The draped chiffon over bodice is in amazingly good condition, considering that chiffon does not usually survive in good condition. The black chiffon is faced with white, and plunges almost to the waist front and back, revealing the bright pink of the velvet under bodice, which would have been considered very risqué and daring!
The dress is accented with beaded medallions in clear crystal beads in a very Erté style design, and is typical of the eastern influenced fashions of the period which Paul Poiret made popular. Bodice and skirt have been remounted on a modern waistband which is made from wide nylon satin ribbon.
This dress would have probably had a bright pink velvet sash tied decadently to one side, with fringed or tasseled ends, to complete the look.
(Milford-Cottam collection)