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Lace Covered Bodice

Lace Covered Bodice
C.1910. This bodice originally had 3/4 length blue silk sleeves lining the lace sleeves. Unfortunately, the blue silk which is present on the bodice is the cheap tin loaded shattering kind and I had to remove the original blue sleeves as they were just in shreds. The silk on the bodice is going too, but fortunately the bodice is lined in strong cotton and the Chantilly lace on top holds everything in place.
This would have been part of an afternoon dress and would have been very fashionable with it's 3/4 length sleeves and 'low' neck (high collars were considered old fashioned).
Although the bodice isn't boned, it is very fitted (with a slight pouching at the front) to show off an hourglass figure which means it would have been worn by a lady in her late 30's-50's who was used to the Victorian fitted bodices. The back fastens up with hook 'n eyes.
The lady was quite curvey, bust 48 1/2", waist 35" and would have been around 5'9"- 5'11".
(Formerly L. Hidic)