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Heliotrope Shirtwaist

Heliotrope Shirtwaist
C.1912-1913. This shirtwaist would have been worn by a working class girl, possibly as one of her good outfits. The shirtwaist is made out of sateen with an unusual black swirly pattern.
Although a working class garment, the original wearer did make an attempt to keep up with fashions with having the blouse relatively "low necked". Many women who did not feel comfortable wearing low necked waists, often wore a greatly shortened version of the old fashioned high neck collar. The shoulders did have the typical early 1910's pleat on each one, but they have been removed to make it bigger (the stitch holes remain). Fastens up the back with hook n eyes.
Measurements: Bust 55", but a bust of up to 44" would have worn this to keep the loose fitting pouched effect.
(Formerly L. Hidic)