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Taffeta Shirtwaist

Taffeta Shirtwaist
This shirtwaist dates from about 1913- 1915. It is made out of taffeta, with a contrast of striped silk, and is typical in construction of bodices of the era. This one isn't lined and has no boning. It would have been worn with a straight skirt of the era (not as flared as early Edwardian skirts were) and a straight tubular corset.
It was part of a day wear outfit for everyday use and has fashionable little "V" collars which fold down at the back. Its not as high waisted as most shirtwaists of the period, which leads me to believe its most likely to be from around 1913.
Measures: Shoulders 15", Bust 42" (but would fit up to a 40" bust ideally), Waist 32" and length 17".
(Formerly L. Hidic)