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Narrow Skirt

Narrow Skirt
C.1911-1914. During the early 1910's, the flared A line skirt of the 1890's and the early Edwardian era went out of fashion. Period publications such as the Girl's Own Paper, told readers to go up in the attic and bring down those old flared skirts and petticoats and make them into the new slim styles!
This skirt is no exception.The skirt itself is made out of silk taffeta (which is tinloaded unfortunately but stable) with flounce upon flounce of the most gorgeous lace edged with a silk ribbon. Upon examination of the interior of the skirt, one can see where it was taken in and the seams resewn into a narrow skirt from being a wider flared older style skirt, possibly from the turn of the century. It is quite slim and narrow fitting, you wouldn't be able to run it at all and a long tubular style corset to keep in your hips would be mandatory.
The waist on the skirt measures 35" but this is a slightly elevated empire waistline as was fashionable and would have been worn with a shorter length bodice/blouse. There are metal studs at the waistband which suggest that the skirt was originally part of a two piece bodice- skirt set. The hips measure 38"- 40" and the length about 38". This skirt wouldn't have been worn to the ground but at or slightly above ankle level. The wearer would have been about 5'8"- 5'9".
(Formerly L. Hidic)