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Straight Front Corset

Straight Front Corset
C.1910 straight fronted corset made of cotton coutil with a trim (not original to it, but probably added by its original owner to pretty it up) of Broderie Anglaise. This was the new style of corset that replaced the hourglass corsets of the Victorian and early Edwardian periods. It was more tubular foreshadowing the straight "boy look" of the late 'teens and 1920's.
As it didn't have any support for the bust as earlier corsets did, if you were large busted, you would to have worn one of the new brassieres that came out with it, such as the ones listed below. It measures almost 13" long, the busk being 10" long and the waist measures 30" (would have been worn by a lady with a 34" to 38" waist depending on how tight she corseted). This was the biggest size you could buy without paying extra. Still has its original label and was made by 'Spirella', a famous Corset company. Has four suspenders for stockings with patented 1895 embossed on them.
(Formerly L. Hidic)