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Very Long Straight Corset

Very Long Straight Corset
C.1909-1912. Made of a brocade cotton that has boquets of flowers woven into it. It has lace edging around the top, but the area of the corset where the arm would have rested has some wear to the lace.
The corset has stamped 'La Parisiana' inside and measures 24" in the waist. It dates November 2 1909 on the suspender belts. This corset would have been worn from about 1909 to the mid teen's era, when the extremely long straight corsets were fashionable.
At 5'9", this one comes quite low down past my hips, almost to the bottom of my bum. Its even longer than my 1880's dress form! It also comes just under my bust to lightly support it, measures 15" long at the front, 16" long at the side to go over the hip and 18" long at the back. The hips are cut quite full to accomadate a full bottom. Has two suspender belts at the front which are 7" long. The back two have been cut off sometime during its long life. Has one hook at the front to hold in your belly (this looks like it was added by the original owner). There are also two pleats at the back of the corset, at the top, where she had taken it in to make the rib cage smaller. Has its original lacing.
(Formerly L. Hidic)