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The Longest Corset I have Ever Seen!

The Longest Corset I have Ever Seen!
C.1910-1911. A very very long corset from when the tight clinging hobble skirts and long line princess dresses were all the rage. This stunning corset is made of white cotton coutil and is trummed with bobbin lace. It is not lined and is boned with 16 metal bones although the 11" busk is quite flexible. No makers mark but is stamped as being an 18" waist. There are 4 ornate stocking suspenders. The corset has diagonal seaming and a tiny nipped in waist, as a carry over from earlier S bend corset but has extremely long hips to control the bottom half of the body to create that long slimline look.
Measures 14 1/2" at the front, 21 1/2" at the sides and 20" at the back. You would have to be tall to wear this. I'm 5'9" and this comes mid thigh on me and well past my bum. I couldn't imagine anyone shorter wearing than me without any problems. It was never worn either, the only wear is from age and storage.
(L. Hidic)