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Pink Long Whalebone Corset

Pink Long Whalebone Corset
C.1913-1914. A long straight pink herringbone coutil corset made in Paris prior to the first World War. Features all the opulence of the Edwardian era, such as hand made bobbin lace with pink baby ribbon threaded through it around the top of the corset, a pink silk ribbon decorating the top of the busk and pink flossing decorating and reinforcing the ends of the bones. All these little extras would disapear from later corsets.
The corset would give the long tubular look of the 1910's but unusually, has a curved busk which spoons out over the belly like Victorian corsets had. Most 1910's corsets had short straight busks but this one is good in the fact that the dish of the busk allows for somewhere for the displaced belly flesh to go. The corset was made by A. simon, Paris, Ses corsets Btes. S.G.D.G. Garanti tout Baleine. The fact that it had whalebone by this point in time (whalebone was rarely used by this point as whales were endangered) made it a very expensive corset along with all the nice extras it had (like the flossing, lace, bows). Whether the whalebone used was new boning or recycled whalebone from old parasols and corsets is unknown.
The inside bone casings are made out of white cotton. Originally had 4 suspenders but they were removed. Measures 22" in the waist and is 16 1/4" long.
(L. Hidic)