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Long Pink Corset

Long Pink Corset
C.1910-1915. A lovely shapely Titanic era corset in an unusual color..PINK! Most of the corsets from the era were made in white coutil. Colors and different fabrics were avalailable but cost more.
This corset was made by Warner's (they still make bras and underwear today) and is made out of a very light pink coutil. There is pink elastic around the top of the corset which is gathered to make ruffles. The elastic would have stretched to your shape to give a long smooth line under those tight fitting princess line dresses of the 1910's. The corset has 4 ornate suspenders for stockings. The back two have more rust than the front two do and the elastic has lost most of it's stretch as is typical with 100 year old rubber!
I think this corset was hardly worn, if at all. It still has it's paper tag. It's in very nice condition. The grommet holes don't show any sign of strain, and the fabric still feels crisp. There are the typical brown age spots that old cotton gets and there is a small tear in the coutil at the back of the loop side of the busk.
'Warner's No.42 Double Boning Rust Proof Corsets' is stamped on the inside as is '24'.
Measures 23" around the top of the corset and measures about 26" at waist level, approx. 36" in the hips. I would say that a natural waist of 28"-32" would be able to wear this corset. Measures almost 17" long and comes well down over the hips.
(Formerly L. Hidic)