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Tubular Corset

Tubular Corset
C.1913-1916 straight tubular corset. This corset is made out of cotton coutil and was made in Montreal, Canada by the Dominion Corset Company, which produced many lines of corsets well into the 20th century.
This one is a typical 'teens era under bust straight corset. It measures 19" in the waist and is made for what they called a "slight figure". It doesn't have lots of boning in it. Corsets were divided into slight (modern petite or junior sizes), medium (the regular sizes up to a US 16) and stout figures (the plus size 16 onwards), so the bigger the category, the more boning you had. It is quite long and goes over the hips. It was unsold dead stock and is still in it's original box. The label even has the original price marked of $1.45 (Canadian $) and would have been quite an expensive corset! Perhaps the inflation of a World War had something to do with the price.
(Formerly L.Hidic)