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Envelope Combinations

Envelope Combinations
C.1915 combinations. These were called 'envelope' combinations as they are white and more or less rectangular in shape, like a postal envelope. They don't have the slit drawers like old combinations had but have a little button flap between the legs. If you compare them to the Princess combinations that are from C.1905-1906, you can see how less fussy 'teens era underwear has become. There is still lace decorating the edges and baby ribbon threaded through the neckline to tighten it, but all the frou frou extras of the Edwardian era are now gone. Stark realities of war perhaps???
This would have been worn under one of the new tubular straight corsets instead of wearing a separate chemise and pantaloons. Measures 46" in the bust, 44" waist and is 38" long. Made of cotton, with hand and machine sewing. Bone buttons on the flap.
(L. Hidic)