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Straight Wedding Petticoat

Straight Wedding Petticoat
Dated Hiver 1914 (winter 1914). A beautiful slim line china silk petticoat to wear with a period wedding gown.
This one still has it's original label sewn inside the waistband too (Hiver 1914 B.S. & B.F. Paris Marque Depose). So elegant and so French! The hem is cut to go up into a point at the front and is scalloped all around. Lovely lace is sewn all around the hem. Lover's knots, baskets, flowers and vines are embroidered on the bottom of the hem.
I'm not sure what color the petticoat is, it's not creme or pure white, but rather a very light ivory/bone color. It is strong enough to be worn carefully. Imagine wearing it to your wedding! The silk isn't the shattering kind either so this was an exepensive petticoat in it's time. The front fastens with snaps and the waist is adjustable with a silk tie.
Measurements: Waist is 30", Hip is 38", Length 36".
(Formerly L. Hidic)