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Wool Sidesaddle Habit

Wool Sidesaddle Habit
C.1911-1913. This is another of my favorite items in my collection, a lovely charcoal grey wool habit.
It dates to the early 1910's, as shown by it's long lean jacket with the glass buttons placed at a high empire waist level. The collar is made out of silk velvet, and the lining of the jacket is made out of a silk as well. The riding apron is lined in heavy cotton and fastens up the left side with buttons. When not mounted, the skirt would be wrapped around (like a modern wrap around skirt) and button at the back at the bum. When mounting the horse, you would unwrap the skirt and when positioned in the saddle, button the excess material around your right leg (this would be the leg that would be resting on top of the hunting horn). Dark wool or chamois breeches would have been worn underneath the apron for modesty.
Measurements: Jacket: Shoulders 15", Bust: 37", Waist: 31 1/2", Apron waist 31 1/2", apron length when mounted and standing 32 1/2". Would have been worn by a lady of 5'5"- 5'7". This postcard from the V&A museum in London, shows a near identical example to mine, they date theirs at 1911.
(L. Hidic)